but|ton1 [ `bʌtn ] noun count **
1. ) a small round object that is used for fastening clothes by pushing it through a hole:
He had undone the top button of his shirt.
a blouse with small pearl buttons
2. ) a small object that you press to make a machine start working or perform a particular action:
Just press this button to start the computer.
Press the pause button.
Click the left mouse button twice.
a ) one of the small parts on a telephone that you press to call a number:
a push-button phone
b ) COMPUTING a symbol on a computer screen that you can use to start programs:
Click on the Start button.
3. ) AMERICAN a small round object that fastens onto your clothes with a pin and usually has a picture or writing on it:
He was wearing a button saying Bush for President.
at the touch of a button
if a machine works at the touch of a button, it works extremely quickly and easily:
Customers can buy and sell stock at the touch of a button.
push/press the right buttons MAINLY JOURNALISM
to please an audience with a political speech by saying things that the audience agrees with:
The speaker pushed all the right buttons.
push/press someone's buttons
1. ) to deliberately say something in order to make someone angry or upset:
I try not to get mad, but he knows exactly how to push all my buttons.
2. ) to make someone sexually excited
but|ton 2 [ `bʌtn ] verb intransitive or transitive
button or button up to fasten something with buttons, or to be fastened with buttons:
Button your shirt, Johnny, while I find your shoes.
a dress that buttons down the back
button it SPOKEN
used for telling someone in a rude way to be quiet
,button `up phrasal verb intransitive or transitive
same as BUTTON 2:
His jacket was buttoned up all the way to his neck.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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